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Thea Ceramics

Thea Brutalist Flat White

Thea Brutalist Flat White

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Hand thrown on the potters wheel in brutalist clay and doubled dipped in Thea's bespoke glaze. 

The brutalist clay is a hard wearing clay, that has a light feel and concrete look.

Flat white tumblers around 9.5-9.8cm high and around 8oz in volume.

Hōrua means baked kōkōwai in te reo Māori, kōkōwai is a deep red brown earth pigment, culturally and spiritually important to māori, used in decoration and ceremony.

Aumoana, means blue clay or oceanic in te reo Māori. This glaze is a stain glaze and slightly translucent to show the natural texture of the clay.

Pōuriuri, talks about the "darkest" in te reo Māori, to us we are thinking about the darkest part of the ocean or bush. This glaze is a stain glaze and a wonderfully rich contrast agents the clay.

Kirikiri means sand, and shoreline in te reo Māori, a perfect description of this earthy glaze. This glaze is a matt glaze, more textural, showing off the natural elements of the clay. 

Karamea translates to "caramel" but also describes the clay banks we often see on Waiheke. This is a stain glaze and has lovely peach and pink tones while being a classic terracotta tone.

All Thea ceramics are hand made so sizes and colours vary, they are dishwasher safe and are intended for everyday use.


The brutalist clay is a hard wearing clay that has a light feel and concrete look

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Approximately 9cm high and 320ml in volume
All Thea Ceramics are handmade so sizes will vary

Care Instructions

All Thea pieces are intended for everyday use and are dishwasher safe

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