The Modern Mudroom

Winter 2023

We love the outdoors here in New Zealand, so more and more we are helping our clients bring some elegance and style to their Mud Rooms.

Veranda's Head of Sourcing & Styling, Emma Clark shares key tips to create your very own Modern Mudroom.

A mud-free house? Yes please!

One thing you can count on in winter is rain, and with rain comes dreaded mud! I have long been a fan of a mudroom - a place where dirty shoes, wet jackets, and sports gear can be left, leaving the rest of the house clean and mud-free.

Three easy steps

If you're thinking that all sounds great but you don't have a designated mudroom, then let me help you create one. The mudroom could be an extension of the back door or laundry. It simply needs to be a space that can be accessed from outside. Once you have a space, a few additions are all that is needed for a really functional space.

1. A bench seat

Ideally, this would be a multifunctional piece of furniture that provides seating to get shoes on and off, and storage. A good bench seat can hold a lot of messy sport gear and shoes!

2. Hooks

To keep things off the ground and easy to find, hooks are essential in a mudroom.
Group some smaller hooks for keys and some stronger ones for bags and jackets.

3. Storage

If you can't store things in your bench seat, storing them under it can be just as
good. Some good-sized, strong baskets.

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