Selecting the perfect Coffee table

Spring 2023

Admit it, its not as easy as you'd think.

We hear it all the time, "I'm still deciding on the right coffee table". It seems to be one of those items that people just can’t settle on easily. Thanks to Emma, our Head of Interiors, we've got some top tips for getting your coffee table just right.

The key to selecting the perfect coffee table for your space.

Is your living room feeling a bit incomplete? The perfect coffee table could be the missing piece! It can provide you with the extra surface space you need, and also bring the final touch to your living room. Here are some tips to help you find the right one:

Practicalities - Define your needs

Consider how much surface space you need, and how much space you have in the room. This is a great first step to narrow down your search. Are you storing remotes, or do you envisage using it for dining too?

The importance of height

A good coffee table should be at almost the same height or slightly lower than your sofa seat. Any higher and it risks overpowering the space and becoming clumsy.


To ensure the coffee table doesn’t dominate the room, a good rule of thumb is having the maximum size two-thirds of the sofa. Like in tip one, the size of the room, sofa and your needs should define the size of the table.

Getting the balance just right

Round, oval, asymmetrical, square or rectangular? Something discrete or a statement piece? This is when you take cues from the room, flooring and sofa. For example, if the sofa is angular and the rug is rectangular, an oval table can bring a soft touch to the room.


Marble, glass, brass, metal and wood are the predominant materials used to make coffee tables. Consider again how you intend to use the coffee table. If you intend to move the table around a lot, choose a table that is lightweight (your back will thank you!). If you have children, think about a durable table that will handle the rough and tumble of kids.

Looking for versatility?

A great look is arranging a few nesting tables of varying heights to create one coffee table. This set up works well if you need extra surface areas some of the time and can be pushed back together when space is at a premium.

If you'd like to discuss you interior needs, contact our in house interior consultant, Emma Clark today.

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