Cosy meets elegance

Autumn 2023

How to style a cosy vibe into your home, without compromising on style. Veranda's Head of Sourcing & Styling, Emma Clark shares her top tips for creating that perfect cosy vibe we all crave through the winter months.

Striking the balance

Mixing the cosy country-style comforts with the sleek, stylish design of modern decor. Its steadfast popularity amongst homeowners who crave functionality and family-friendly design.

While the words "country style" may conjure images of rooster-themed decor and hand for embroidered table linen, the modern country house resists the clutter and chaos in favour of minimalist decor choices.

An effortless way to integrate contemporary style into your home is with interestingly shaped, textured pieces of pottery in your chosen colour scheme and a simple, single colour, textured rug to bring everything together.

Top tips for selecting the perfect rug.

A good choice brings everything together and says ‘this room is finished’. In a living space, a good rug helps to define zones. It brings warmth to any areas that can look and feel cold underfoot - we’re looking at you, tiles and hardwood.

1. It’s all in the timing
Do you choose the rug first or last? If you want it to make a real statement, start with the rug and build the room around it. However, if you already have furniture you love, the rug should be a supporting element, it can be chosen so it works with the colour palette and style already in place.

2. Should you embrace or run from colour and trends?

Embrace them of course! A rug is a great way to freshen up your living space and give it a completely new feel. Warm colours are currently shining so think earth tones of brown, terracotta and cream. If you want a pop of colour, faded indigo can look gorgeous with natural linen sofas and wooden floors.

3. What lies beneath?

You do need to consider what the rug will be sitting on. Is it concrete, timber floors or tiles? And what colours are they? Warm toned wooden floors work great with warmer toned rugs, while concrete can cope with cooler tones and solid colours.

4. Size matters

An easy mistake is choosing a rug that is too small for the space. Often with rugs, the bigger the better. Position the rug so it runs the same way as the room. Use painters’ tape to mark where your rug will sit to help visualise the final look and position. This way you can ensure it sits nicely under the sofa and is in proportion with the overall space.

5. Try before you buy

If you can - ask for rug samples to bring it home and try in your space. At Veranda we have a huge selection of rug samples in store and you can buy online here.

Call in or contact us and take some home to try in your own space – it makes selecting the right rug so much easier!

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