Waiheke Organic Honey
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Waiheke Organic Honey

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Waiheke Honey Company produces premium, organic honey in a number of varieties.

The honey is sourced from bees which are raised using only organic treatments for varroa mites and are antibiotic free. Honey supers are made from heat treated wood, not tantalised. Best of all the bees get to forage in a beautiful natural environment with a great variety of pollen and nectar sources to give them a balanced diet.

Waiheke vineyards & olive groves provide diverse grassland foraging for bees and they are not big users of insecticides.

Waiheke is a great place to bee a bee!


Clover:  Creamy texture, sweet delicate favour, notes of green grass with a hint of citrus and salt spray.  The Clover honey is from hives on Ponui Island accessible only by private boat, off the southern coast of Waiheke Island.

Pohutukawa:  The champagne of honey, this super sweet honey sparkles on your tongue.  The New Zealand Christmas tree flowers for just a few weeks in summer, making this a rare, intensely sweet honey that sets firm, with sparkling citrusy lime flavours.

Multiflora:  Like sunshine and flowers.  Florals and golden syrup flavour.

Native Bush:  From beehives nestled in the native bush on Waiheke Island, this is a buttery caramel flavoured honey.

Manuka:  Smokey to herbal medicinal flavours.  Manuka honey is well known for its medicinal properties. This honey is independently tested in a laboratory for NPA (non-peroxide activity) ratings.

165gram or 300gram jars