Tosca Under Shelf Tool Hanger
Tosca by Yamazaki

Tosca Under Shelf Tool Hanger

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Yamazaki's philosophy in designing products comes from its roots in Japan. In a country with a large population and very little space, Yamazaki's products are crafty and unique, designed to save space, and are compact and easy to store. The principles of Yamazaki's style are based in simplicity. Designs are minimalistic and natural, made with high quality materials and built to last.



This Under Shelf Tool Hanger by Yamazaki makes even small rooms feel large by increasing storage space. Keep your items safe and secure on this rack. There is room for all kinds of items, it includes hooks to hang things from and fits in under any cabinet or shelf with a shelf width of up to 2.5cm.

MATERIALS:  Steel/Wood
DIMENSIONS:  33cm x 2cm x 10.4cm