Tivoli Limited Edition PAL BT

Tivoli Limited Edition PAL BT

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Tivoli Audio announced a special collection of 2018 limited-edition colours for its PAL BT series; Lucite Green, Deep Ocean Teal and Anise Flower.

Tivoli Audio, having collaborated with brands such as Coach, Cappellini, and Fiat on previous limited-edition collections, exclusively designed this collection to be a reflection inspired by the onset of spring and summer.

Tivoli Audio’s PAL BT adds Bluetooth® wireless technology in addition to its sensitive analog AM/FM tuner. When you’re not listening to your favorite radio stations, you can listen to your favorite music from your Bluetooth® technology-enabled device. Just switch to the Auxiliary position and once paired, start listening to your music.

The PAL is portable so charge it up and head outside!