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NOLA Candle | Olive & Thyme

NOLA Candle | Olive & Thyme

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A wonderful dance between the herby notes of thyme & olive leaf. This musky and warm aroma is gently masculine; with richness from amber, sweetness from bergamot & a tang from lemon thyme.

•Safe fragrances: free from phthalate
•100% soy wax: free from paraffin, GMO and unnatural additives
•Clean burning: sustainably-sourced wooden wicks
•Hand-crafted with love and care from Wairarapa, NZ

25 hour burn time


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25 hour burn time

Care Instructions

Trimming your wick is ESSENTIAL. Crack away the charred wood (just pinch it away with your fingers) in between burns. Wooden wicks need to be trimmed shorter than cotton wicks so don't worry if the wick seems short.

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