Loobylou Candle #4   |  Fig, Feijoa + White Rose

Loobylou Candle #4 | Fig, Feijoa + White Rose

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The #4 Scented Candle by Loobylou is a heady blend of Fig and Feijoa, two similarly shaped, but incredibly different fruits. The subtle taste of a fig belies the strong almost floral fragrance. Feijoa, a sharp fruit, often referred to aptly as 'pineapple guava' is very unique and earthy, and definitely a dividing scent. Both fruits are softened and sweetened by the gentle white rose, which gives clarity - yet distinction to all three.

Each candle is hand poured in Sydney and made with eco soy wax, perfume grade fragrant and essential oils.  They are free from additives, stabilisers and flame retardants.