BEE Dishwashing Liquid (refill size)

BEE Dishwashing Liquid (refill size)

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BEE (Be Environmentally Enlightened) has developed this high performance Dishwash Liquid with cleaning agents made from natural ingredients like coconut and sugar.

Our outrageously concentrated, 'hand-loving' formulation makes short work of grease and grime. Take your gloves off and relax

And because it's all about you, South Pacific kawakawa cares for your skin while spearmint cools and refreshes.

BEE Dishwash Liquid is dermatologically tested and designed to be kind to your skin.

Now available in the large, bulk size, which allows you to refill your bottle.  The refill is an economical 2 litre bottle and it also comes with the standard 500ml bottle for refilling.