Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented
Aermeda Soap on a Rope  |  Scented

Aermeda Soap on a Rope | Scented

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Unique, beautifully simple and all natural, the Aermeda range of goat milk and plant milk soaps are formulated to make you and your skin feel indulged. 

Aermeda soaops are produced by hand in small batches, using traditional methods and all natural incredients.  Being plastic and synthetic free, these soaps are not only great on your skin, but they are kind to our planet.


Annatto Citrus & Poppy Seed Scrub

Annatto infused olive oil gives this citrus scrub its stunning bright sunny tone. Fragranced with an invigorating aroma of citrus essential oils selected for their anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and deodorising properties, including Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Litsea Cubeba, Lemongrass and Organic Orange.

This soap is a great exfoliant and best suited to hands and body


Triple Butter with French Green Clay

Naturally coloured with Chlorella and French Green clay, this lightly scented soap is suitable for all skin types. The goat milk and triple butter formula of Shea, Mango and Cocoa ensures a creamy, rich lather giving a soft and moisturising gentle cleanse.  A trio blend of Rosemary, Lemongrass and Clary sage essential oils gives a crisp, sharp, green aroma.


Hydrating Egg Yolk & NZ Glacial Clay

Our free-range egg yolk soap with New Zealand Glacial Clay is hydrating and nourishing to the skin.  With a specially curated blend of essential oils to produce a unique and tempting delicate aroma of earthy notes, lifted by a touch of floral scent of Ylang ylang – a powerful essential oil that elevates your moods whilst providing stress-relief.  

This hydrating soap is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for the face, hands and body


Indigo, Oatmeal and Kaolin Clay

Naturally coloured with indigo to give an unusual subtle blue hue, the addition of oatmeal is dual purpose – visual interest and a very gentle exfoliant. The nourishing plant oils and butters result in a gentle and non-drying cleanser which is well suited for mature skin leaving it feeling refreshed, hydrated and rejuvenated.

The blend of four essential oils results in a unique subtle slightly exotic aroma.

This soap offers gentle exfoliation while still being moisterising.  It is suited to all skin types.


Almond Milk, Tumeric & Apricot Scrub

This vegan soap gently exfoliates and cleanses for a more balanced and smooth skin.

Hand-blended with plant-based milks, oils and butters to form a nourishing soap that revitalises your skin. Organic almond milk has super moisturising qualities to hydrate the skin and produce a rich creamy lather.

An essential oil blend of turmeric, ginger, orange and rosemary results in a warm, spicy, stimulating aroma.

This vegan soap offers medium exfoliation, making it ideal for hands and any areas of rough skin.


Herbal Citrus, Walnut and Coffee Scrub

A specially curated bland of five essential oils result in a refreshing herbal citrus aroma, combined to give astringent, toning, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial benefits.

Formulated with skin soothing, hydrating oils and butters of Shea and Cocoa to produce a luxurious lather leaving the skin feeling smooth, healthy and refreshed from head to toe.

This soap offers medium exfoliation and is best suited for hands and body.


Product Notes:

If not hanging on rope, we recommend storing your soap bar on a drained soap dish to dry out between uses to avoid soft soap

Keep unopened soap in box out of direct sunlight

Please note, as these soap bars are handcrafted, each bar will be unique with slight variations and may differ slightly to the image.